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Solar PV | Battery Storage | EV Chargers 

About Us

Established in 2005 as Solar Solutions NI, Graham saw an opportunity to help local people move away from the unpredictability of oil and gas prices, allowing us all to do our bit for the environment in the process.

Having installed thousands of solar panels all across Ireland – north and south – he developed a passion for green energy, seeing the real difference a system can make to any home. Over four years he researched many different renewable energy systems as his interest grew, testing several in the homes of friends and family and making practical decisions on which are the best for our climate. 

And so the Green Energy Store was born.

Solar PV Panels

Solar Panels

Green Energy Store have been installing Solar PV in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, and Great Britain since 2009 – we are proud to be the longest established Solar PV company in NI! 

Why Go Solar

  • Use sunlight to produce free electricity for use in your home or business premises. 
  • Significantly reduce your electricity bills – substantial long-term savings and an impressive return on your investment in the medium to long term.
  • Insulate your family or business against ever-increasing electricity costs by becoming your own power station.
  • Environmental benefits – solar energy is a clean power source which produces minimal pollution and so reduces your carbon footprint.
  • With Green Energy Store’s extensive experience in Solar PV, you can be sure of honest and professional advice, qualified and safe installation, and excellent after-sales services.

Battery Storage

Adding battery storage to your Solar PV installation enhances the overall efficiency and reliability of your renewable energy set up. 

With a battery storage system, you can store excess solar energy generated during the day for use when you need it most, even after the sun has set. This reduces your reliance on the grid and increases your energy independence.

It is even possible to make the most of your battery during the winter months by bringing in power overnight on an off-peak tariff, when grid electricity is at its cheapest. The system will then discharge this energy during the day when you need it. This can help you save money by avoiding high electricity rates during specific times of the day.

EV Car Charging

Installing an EV charger provides convenience for Electric Vehicle owners, allowing you to charge your vehicle at home or at a business location. This can be especially important for daily charging needs, as it eliminates the need to visit public charging stations regularly. Often charging at home can be more cost-effective than relying on public charging stations, because you can take advantage of lower overnight electricity rates, or even use the FREE solar energy generated by your Solar PV system to power your journey! 

Off-Grid Specialists

The Green Energy Store team is well-known for being NI’s leading experts in off-grid systems.

Perhaps the local DNO is unable to offer a connection at an affordable cost, or maybe you cannot access the nearest transformer for legal reasons, or it could be that you want to free your family or your business from the shackles of an expensive electricity bill every month; whatever your motivations, Green Energy Store can realise your dream of independence from the grid.

We have the experience and the expertise to design, build, install and commission the smart technology involved in each of our bespoke off-grid systems. From holiday caravans, through new self-build domestic properties, to large commercials – we have done it all.

New Build Developments

Green Energy Store is also a 
leading provider of Solar PV 
and Battery Storage systems in 
new housing developments 
across Northern Ireland.

NI Building Control regulations mean that Solar PV is the best way for developers to achieve the required energy efficiency ratings in their new build properties, and Green Energy Store have the experience and professionalism to manage these large sites and provide superb installation and aftersales support to both developers and new buyers alike. Scroll down to check out some of the pioneering developers we work with who are going above and beyond to provide truly practical systems which minimise running costs of new properties for their lucky buyers.

Who we work with

Strand Homes
Lagan Homes
distinguished homes
mmm design and build

Who we work with

Lagan Homes
Strand Homes
distinguished homes
mmm design and build

Green Energy Store 55 Holywood Road, Newtownards BT23 4TQ +44 (0)28 9146 0883 Company Number: NI603238 MCS Registration Number: NIC601145