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Does Solar PV work in Northern Ireland?

pv panels

YES! Some people might think that we don’t get enough sun in Northern Ireland to warrant a solar PV system. But Solar PV doesn’t need direct sunlight to work, it will produce electricity even on cloudy days. In fact, Ireland has the same levels of solar radiation as many parts of Central Europe!

We also recommend the installation of a Hot Water Power Diverter. This is a device which detects when there is excess solar energy being sent back to the grid. Instead of allowing that energy to be exported, it is diverted to an immersion heater to provide FREE hot water in your hot water tank. This means you’ll maximise the use of your free electricity, AND save on oil or gas water heating bills.

We use only top brand MCS-certified solar PV panels, primarily JA Solar and Canadian Solar.

We can install panels on top of a sloped roof, using in-roof mounting systems, on flat roofs, or on the ground using specialist mounting frames. We use excellent producers such as Renusol and GSE.

The inverter is a key aspect of any installation as it is the brains of the system. Our preferred inverter brand is the industry-leading Hypontech.

We always recommend future-proofing HYBRID models for those who wish to install battery storage. Battery storage gives flexibility and increases energy independence; allowing customers to use their free energy when they need it most, even after the sun has set.

Contact us today to find out how much energy your PV system can produce and how much energy you can save! 

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